Khayal Darpan
A Mirror of Imagination


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Following are some of the artists, musicians, scholars and others who participated in this film:


Aliya Rashid

Singer from Lahore who visited India

Amir Zaki

Guitarist, Karachi

Arifa Syeda

Professor at NCA, Lahore

Babar Niazi and Javed Niazi

Singers, Islamabad

Badruzzaman and Qamruzzaman

Classical singers, Lahore

Beenish Parvez

Ghazal singer, Lahore

Fateh Ali Khan

Classical singer, Islamabad

Ghulam Hasan Shaggan

Classical singer, Lahore

Ghulam Hyder

Music composer, Lahore

Malikzada Hafeez Khan

Dhrupad singer, Lahore

Nafees Ahmed

Sitar player, Karachi

Naseeruddin Saami

Classical singer, Lahore/Karachi

Noor Zehra

Veena Player, Lahore

Parvez Paras

Musician, Lahore

Raza Kazim

Lawyer, musicologist, Lahore

Salamat Hussain

Ghazal singer, Karachi

Sarah Zaman

Classical singer, Lahore

Sarwat Ali

Columnist, Lahore

Sharafat Ali Khan

Classical singer, Lahore

Shehroz Hussain

Sitar player, Karachi

Taimoor Khan

Sarangi player, Lahore

Zulfiqar Ali

Classical singer, Lahore
And many other singers at the Amateur
Melodies Club, Karachi, and at National College of Arts, Lahore

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